The little boy does not allow any of the family members to speak, and he excitedly tells his father something.

Our children bring joy and happiness into our lives. They have a keen sense of observation and often imitate those around them. Communication plays a vital role in their development, as words hold great power. It is important for children to engage in conversations with their parents and others at different stages of their growth.

Some people believe that young children cannot speak, but we have a video to prove otherwise. In the video, a young child skillfully tries to communicate with family members. Despite being questioned, he insisted on speaking and made sure his voice was heard. Another video shows the child talking to his father.

He talked without stopping until his dad asked, “Are you joking?” Then he became quiet for a short time before continuing. Dad asked again, “What happened next?” At first, he looked confused and burst into laughter, but then he suddenly stopped talking and started speaking again. The little guy’s video became popular and everyone loved it. After the conversation ended, he rested his head on the boy’s lap, laying it on his chest. Children of any age can express their thoughts, but speaking, which takes time to develop, often hinders them. Children should always be the focus of attention because they are highly sensitive and even the slightest movements can affect them. These babies have well-developed and intelligent brains, achieving milestones ahead of schedule.

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