16 Images That Will Make You Scream “Holy Cow!”

On the internet, there are a lot of strange and unusual things that will have you wondering what the hell is going through people's heads.

The visuals you are about to view cannot be expressed in words, in part because any attempt at explanation would be futile. You don't have to give these images much thought either. You'll get by them. Eventually.

We have gathered 20 of the greatest pictures and put them in this gallery. Enjoy your time as you scroll down. All images have links that take you to the places where they were taken. Please feel free to check out more of these photographers' work on their personal websites or in their collections.


#1. Prepare your anus.

#2. The most embarrassing picture ever.

#3. This cat, who may just be a distant relative of Gollum.

#4. Not sure what this pregnant lady wants to achieve from this photo.

#5. This product is clearly defective.

#6. A guy. And his cat.

#7. Seems legit.

#8. Planking, taking it to the next level.

#9. The best part in the men’s bathroom.

#10. The most hilarious perfectly timed photo!

#11. Must be what she ate.

#12. Now that is very…sexually provoking.

#13. No pain, no gain.

#14. Should you swallow it or spit it out?

#15. I suspect the kids are behind this.

#16. Court jester on the way to work?

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