Plus-sized model claps back at trolls who attack bikini photos – ‘look away’

An influencer who is plus-sized is responding to trolls who tell her to hide her size 22 body. She proudly embraces her size and has faced backlash for posting bold photos in revealing outfits.

The influencer ignores critics and confidently states that plus-size bodies are attractive and look great in a bikini.

Some people online admire Abby Bible’s beauty and confidence, but others believe that her clothing choices are not the issue – it’s the negative impact of being overweight. Read on to discover more about Abby Bible and her battle against cyberbullies!

In a society that frequently focuses on unattainable beauty ideals, influencers such as Abby Bible are essential in encouraging self-acceptance and body confidence.

Even though she encounters some negativity, the 25-year-old’s dedication to staying positive and sharing her passion for fashion inspires her followers.

The woman, who is 6 feet 1 inch tall and wears a size 22, frequently shares on her Instagram that she chooses not to follow society’s harmful standards.

The New York-based woman writes about how she had once believed that she could never be considered ‘feminine’ due to the media’s portrayal of women as small, delicate, adorable, and soft-spoken. This belief had been deeply rooted in her over time, making her think that being feminine equated to being desirable and deserving of a good life. However, she has gradually liberated herself from these harmful thoughts.

Dr. Phil invited Bible to discuss body positivity. She shared her lifelong battle with weight, recalling how she weighed around 200lb at the age of 14. Unfortunately, her personal trainer was unkind, constantly reminding her that she needed to lose weight in order to have friends and find love.

Bible once mentioned that she lost 100 pounds, but even though she weighed around 235 pounds, she felt that it didn’t make her problems disappear. She still wasn’t satisfied with having the body that everyone desired.

The woman in a happy relationship wants to show everyone that plus-size bodies can be attractive and look great in a bikini.

‘Look away’

In a recent TikTok video, Bible is spotted wearing a red string bikini, in response to a troll’s comment about fat people not wearing such bikinis. The video has caught the attention of over 82,000 netizens.

She wrote, “If you dislike it, just turn your head,” as she looks at the  camera playfully and mouths, “I’m dont care”

@theabbybible If you don’t like it, look away #plussizebikini #swimsuitseason #vacationstyle #plussizeswimwear ♬ I Dont Care - Lily Olsen

Many fans showed immense support and thanked the inspiring woman. “Because of you, I purchased my first bikini. Seriously,” one fan wrote. Another fan expressed, “You look incredible, I wish I had the same body confidence.”

Among the messages of encouragement, there are also online trolls implying that she doesn’t have self-respect.

One person says you should care because it’s disrespectful to yourself. Another wonders where your self-respect is. Someone else advises that just because they make clothes in your size doesn’t mean you have to wear them – have some respect for yourself.

Crippling complications

Despite consistently impressing her followers with her incredible fashion sense, the “unapologetic fashion lover” still faces criticism from trolls who target individuals with larger bodies.

People might be criticizing the woman’s weight not just for body shaming, but also because it puts her at risk for various health issues.

One Facebook user commented, “I can only see a significant burden on her heart and joints, but ultimately it’s her decision!” However, the concern is that when additional health issues like diabetes arise, it further strains our struggling national healthcare system.”

Another online user expresses, “I’m fine with body positivity as long as it doesn’t promote a body type that poses significant health risks as the standard.”

“I am a full believer in embracing inner beauty and that everyone is entitled to dress how they please but…she is heading for all manner of medical issues from diabetes, heart failure and joint issues.” The comment continues, “I hope she still feels a comfortable in her own skin when she is wheelchair or bed bound. It is so sad that she can’t see the damage she is doing to her health.”

The Bible has spoken out about health issues to her followers, emphasizing that being thin doesn’t make someone superior.

She adds, “I am an unapologetic fat girl…You can take it or leave it because I’m always going to be happy with myself.”

Ultimately, what’s important is happiness. If Bible believes she has found it, we wish for her health to support her happiness.

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