Wild Mouse Goes Through “Rehab” After Eating Cannabis Plant

Farmers are often worried about rodents and insects damaging their crops. However, in New Brunswick, Canada, a mouse was discovered in a cannabis field, appearing to be intoxicated and unconscious.

Discovering a Mouse High on a Pile of Marijuana Leaves.

Colin Sullivan observed a small rodent taking leaves from his crops for two consecutive days. Photographs captured the mouse nibbling on its tiny “harvest” before it succumbed to the consequences. The rodent was found unconscious, lying on top of the pile of leaves.

Sullivan put the mouse in a cage to recover until it returned to its normal state. After six days, the mouse returned to the wild.

The owner shared a hilarious incident on Facebook: “Two days in a row, I caught this mischievous little guy munching on leaves from my plant until he falls asleep.”

He doesn’t have one ear, so it could be his way of coping with his PTSD, but I believe it’s necessary to intervene. I’ll allow him to sleep it off for now, but once he wakes up, I’ll have a serious conversation with him.

A few days later, Sullivan informed his followers that the mouse was still in its Perspex cage.

He mentioned that our little baked friend has had a tough time lately, but he believes that despite feeling sick and hungry, he will get better soon.

He has transitioned to consuming only one medium leaf each day and appears to be adapting nicely. Take it one day at a time, my friend, one day at a time.

Three days later, the mouse left rehab. Sullivan told everyone about the mouse’s recovery using clever puns.

“On The Rodent To Redemption.

After a lengthy and challenging fight against addiction, this small mouse has overcome his struggle, removed the obstacles, and is prepared to move forward. It would be advantageous for all of us to unite and support addicts in clearing the haze from their lives. The mouse gave his best effort and received his initial Twelve Step token as a reward.

I might have been the person who opened his cage, but he was the one who liberated himself. Farewell, my friend, until we reunite once more.

The “Stoner Mouse” Goes Viral

The initial post received more than 461k shares, while the final post got over 6.4k shares and 1.5k comments, filled with grateful laughter and jokes.

Cody Myshrall expressed his joy upon learning about his improvement.

Rhyll O’Keefe mentioned: “I can imagine Cheech the mouse saying, ‘Wow, that was quite a journey… I have no idea where I was, but somehow I ended up in jail.’”

Wendy Chaplin expressed, “It’s tough to quit! Thank you for looking out for the young cannabis enthusiast!”

Sullivan is familiar with substance detox. He recently paid tribute to his wife, Robyn Sullivan, stating that she saved his life and is the reason he has remained sober for so long.

Several comments mentioned they were there for the stoner mouse, but ended up appreciating the heartfelt message and congratulating Sullivan on his sobriety.

Cannabis’s Legal Status in New Brunswick.

Canada legalized cannabis in 2018, but each province and territory has its own way of dealing with the drug.

The New Brunswick government states on their website that they are creating a safe, legal, responsible, and adult-focused culture through their decisions, actions, and laws. They are focusing on public health education and awareness, as well as the economic benefits of the new industry.

In this region, you must be 19 years old to use cannabis, and only licensed stores can sell it. A person can have up to 30 grams at once. It’s not allowed to use cannabis in public or in a vehicle. Landlords can stop tenants from smoking or growing cannabis. But if they allow tobacco smoking, they can’t ban cannabis smoking.

New Brunswickers need to know the risks so they can make smart choices about using cannabis.

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