Parent’s devastating decision – forced to pull the plug on 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror

Devastated parents forced to pull the plug on their 13-year-old daughter after sleepover horror. They’ve now issued a warning to spare others from the same tragedy.

When Esra Haynes died, she was just 13 years old, and the reason for her tragic death is bizarre.

The Montrose Football Netball Club described this young girl as determined, fun, cheeky, and talented. Unfortunately, she got caught up in a viral trend known as chroming. Chroming involves inhaling toxic chemicals through the mouth or nose to experience a high.

Esra used to be an athlete who lived a healthy lifestyle. She raced BMX bikes with her brothers and led her team to win a national aerobics championship in Queensland. However, everything changed after she made a bad decision during a sleepover at a friend’s house on March 31.

As she wanted to be part of the viral trend, Esra inhaled a toxic amount of aerosol deodorant and went into cardiac arrest, sustaining irreparable brain damage.

Her parents were heartbroken. They shared their tragic story on A Current Affair with Ally Langdon, warning others about the dangers of inhaling toxic chemicals.

Andrea, the mother, mentioned to Langdon during the interview that it was just the usual routine for her daughter to hang out with her friends. Paul, the father, also stated that they were aware of her whereabouts and companions. However, receiving the phone call late at night to pick up their daughter was a call no parent wants to get.

At first, Esra’s friends didn’t realize the severity of her condition. They simply believed she was experiencing a panic attack, unaware that their friend was actually dying before their eyes. “However, when she inhaled deodorant, her body began to shut down. She went into cardiac arrest, and none of the people at the sleepover knew how to handle it,” Langdon clarified.

When Esra’s mom got there, paramedics were trying to save her. They told Andrea that her daughter had been chroming, a term she had never heard before.

Esra was moved to the hospital and put on life support. However, after only eight hours, the parents were informed that her brain was irreparably damaged. They were faced with the difficult choice of ending life support.

Andrea and Paul reached out to their relatives and family members to bid their last farewells, fully aware that there was no solution to the situation. It was an incredibly challenging task to say goodbye to someone so young. They placed her on a bed so they could lie down beside her, embracing her until the very end.

Esra’s siblings, Imogen, Seth and Charlie are have been shattered ever since their sister is gone.

Paul expressed that the situation was extremely devastating for everyone, including their friends. It has been an incredibly challenging and traumatic time for any parent to endure. They have been experiencing sleepless nights, lack of appetite, and a loss of their usual happiness. However, the impact of this event extends beyond just their family; it has also affected the entire community.

Following Esra’s passing, Andrea and Paul are doing all in their power to put an end to the crazy viral craze that took their daughter’s life.

Paul expressed his regret in not knowing about chroming while Esra was alive. He mentioned that if they had been aware of the dangers and had received proper education on the matter, they would have definitely discussed it at their kitchen table.

We should increase the intensity and allow these children to discover information on their own, rather than relying on friends or social media. This way, they will receive accurate advice right from the start.

Esra is not the initial victim of chroming. Many young individuals have lost their lives due to its consequences, such as seizures, heart attacks, suffocation, sudden sniffing death, coma, and organ failure.

Paul informed Langdon that they have vivid memories that will never fade of the challenging situation they faced, mentioning that it felt like their gut was torn out.

We deeply apologize for the loss this family has suffered, and we hope that no parent has to go through such a heartbreaking experience.

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