Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris proud of African-American roots, identifies as black

Michael Jackson’s daughter recently shared about her true ethnicity and discussed her decision to embrace her identity as a Black woman. See comments for more details.

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the legendary pop star Michael Jackson, recently shared her thoughts on her African-American heritage and expressed her immense pride in it. She also addressed the criticism she has faced with grace and resilience.

Paris, who is now 25 years old, came into this world in 1998 as the child of the famous “Billie Jean” hitmaker and Debbie Rowe.

Throughout the years, there have been rumors circulating that Jackson may not have been the biological father of his three children, Paris and her two brothers, Bigi, 22, and Prince, 27. This speculation arose because many people couldn’t find any physical similarities between the late star and the kids, particularly Paris, who has fair skin, light eyes, and recently dyed her hair blonde.


The children had a strong bond with their dad, who went to great lengths to shield them from the prying eyes of the media. However, his methods were quite unique. He would conceal his son Bigi’s face with a blanket when they appeared in public, which unfortunately led to some difficulties for Bigi as he grew older. His friends would often tease him about it. Nowadays, he prefers to go by the name Bigi.

After the star passed away in 2009, his children found themselves thrust into the spotlight, becoming easy targets for the media who were hungry for their pictures and closely monitored their every move.

Paris grappled with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following this experience.

She shared that she has been going to therapy for various reasons, which include experiencing audio hallucinations at times, particularly with camera clicks, and dealing with severe paranoia.

At the tender age of 15, Paris made several attempts to end her own life. In 2019, she sought help and was admitted to a treatment facility. She revealed, “It was a battle with self-hatred, struggling with low self-esteem, feeling incapable of doing anything right, and doubting my worthiness to continue living.”

Today, she is a thriving musician who is continuing her father’s legacy. Throughout the years, she has graced the catwalk for renowned labels like Chanel. Paris is part of the band The Soundflowers.

In 2020, she proudly declared, “Music runs in my family. Being a Jackson, it’s only natural for me to pursue a musical career. However, I must admit, being a Jackson and venturing into the realm of folk indie music is quite unexpected!”


Paris has a strong bond with her brothers and admires Prince. “He means the world to me, you know?” she shared with People in 2020 about her close relationship with her older brother. “I’ve always idolized him and sought his approval in everything, wanting to emulate him.”

He adores and stands by his younger sister just the same. “Essentially, she embodies my dad as a person. The only distinctions are her age and gender,” he mentioned about Paris, noting that she shares similarities with her father “in all her strengths, and nearly all her weaknesses too. She’s incredibly passionate.”

The King of Pop’s looks changed a lot throughout his life, with some people saying he lightened his skin, which used to be much darker when he was younger. However, he insisted that he never altered his skin and that it became lighter due to Vitiligo, as he explained during a 1993 interview with Oprah.

Jackson expressed his pride in his race and identity during his conversation with Winfrey.

YouTube/ jimmyfallon

In 2017, Paris opened up about her identity in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. She expressed that she identifies as black and shared a touching anecdote about her late father, Michael Jackson. According to Paris, he would look at her with sincerity, pointing his finger, and encouraging her to embrace her black heritage.

People who are not familiar with me often refer to me as white. With my fair complexion and particularly after dyeing my hair blonde, I could easily pass as someone from Finland or a similar place,” she explained. “And I trust my dad, so when he told me about my heritage, I didn’t question it. As far as I know, he has always been honest with me.”


This declaration of race triggered criticism on Paris. Among the rest, it was host Wendy William’s that mocked Paris’ statement.

I understand that she identifies herself as black, but I’m specifically referring to the appearance aspect. You see, being black is not about how you label yourself, it’s about how the police perceive you when they have you in a vulnerable position on the turnpike.

She included, “That’s what they perceive. However, it’s adorable and beneficial for her.”

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