Man Spends $70k To Tattoo His Full Body And Eyeballs, But Wait Till You See What He Looked Like Before

Quest Gulliford, who embarked on his journey in 2009, has invested more than $70,000 in extensive tattoos and physical transformations. He has shared a before-and-after photo of his remarkable makeover.

Gulliford’s appearance before his radical tattoo makeover has been revealed.

After recovering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma in seventh grade, Gulliford wasted no time in getting a tattoo to represent his journey.

The tattoos, featuring the phrase “God First” and a purple cancer ribbon, signaled the beginning of an ongoing journey into the world of ink.

Image courtesy of questg/Instagram

Gulliford mentioned to the Daily Mail that he had a large lymph node growing and underwent six months of chemotherapy. He said he felt like a superhuman afterwards.

Gulliford, a TikTok star with more than 1 million followers, shares his journey while showcasing his extensive body modifications and tattoos worth around $70,000.

A survivor of cancer shares her story about getting an eye tattoo. Replying to @leacheco how did i sit through my eyeball tattoos … Answer #foryou ♬ original sound - Quest Gulliford

Three years back, Gulliford, known as on TikTok, informed his loyal followers about his eye tattoo experience. Presently, he responds to questions regarding what it feels like.

He underwent surgery in Houston and received an ink injection to darken his eyelids. He described the feeling as more of a modification than a tattoo on his skin.

It took me quite some time on the day I went to the shop in Houston, Texas, to mentally gear up to get it done.

Addict with extreme tattoos posts before and after photos

Quest Gulliford recently shared several photos documenting his entire tattoo journey. The video, featuring a mix of photos and videos, illustrates his progress from 2009 to 2019.

Image courtesy of questg/Instagram

Prior to getting any tattoos, aside from a couple on his chest, there are a few images of him. You observe them becoming more powerful and intense as time goes by, until most of his body is covered in tattoos. Replying to @LdrnPrlljr Answer to “i want to see you b4 all your tattoos” #fyp ♬ original sound - Quest Gulliford

Gulliford clarified in a different video that having cancer at the age of twelve does not necessarily relate to their fondness for tattoos. They also mentioned facing bullying during high school, particularly when their hair was falling out due to cancer.

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