Man plans wedding to ragdoll – already raising a ‘family’ with her.

Many individuals frequently discuss how, in today’s world, where we are constantly connected to others through our phones and the internet, loneliness can still prevail. Likewise, this young man appeared to desire an end to his solitude, thus he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Continue reading to discover what this young man accomplished.

A man from Columbia named Cristian Montenegro is busy organizing his dream wedding. However, his choice of bride might surprise you. Cristian shares his life with his partner Natalia and their children on his TikTok profile. The only issue is that his partner is a ragdoll.

He shares content on TikTok using the username @montbk5959. Recently, he uploaded a video celebrating his first anniversary with his ragdoll girlfriend and mentioned their upcoming wedding plans. The video gained popularity, sparking curiosity among viewers. However, like most online trends, the buzz eventually faded. Yet, Cristian found himself in the spotlight once more when he announced the birth of their third child. He also shared details about his relationship with Natalia, such as introducing her to his family.

He posts videos of himself taking Natalia shopping and going for walks, pretending to be a regular couple. He informs his viewers that they have a son and daughter, and have chosen the name Sammy for their new baby. He also shares videos of his ragdoll children doing homework or watching TV, typical activities for parents and kids.

Cristian posted a video of Natalia delivering their third baby. Natalia is lying on a hospital bed in a gown, with a doll dressed as a doctor beside her.

They even have children! 😳 This man started a family with his doll, and they are enjoying life to the fullest.

On Sunday, March 31, 2024, WeRising Stories shared a post where the father of the ragdoll child captured a selfie with his newborn moments after witnessing Natalia giving birth, even shedding tears of joy.

Some people worry about his health while others make mean comments about his way of life. Cristian has told them, “Without the dolls, I would feel even lonelier. At least I have something.”

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