Cher announces her plans to depart from the United States… What would you like to tell her?

Pop legend Cher expressed her concerns about the potential return of Donald Trump to the White House, revealing that the last time almost gave her an ulcer. She stated, “Who knows what will happen if he is accepted? This time I am going to leave the country.” Worried about the future for transgender people, especially with various bills in play, Cher emphasized the importance of unity, saying, “We’ve got to stand together. I don’t underestimate them at all.” Cher, a vocal critic of Trump, previously referred to him as a “traitor” and highlighted the harm she believes he caused to America.

Discussing the tensions between Armenians and Azerbaijan, Cher, who has Armenian roots, expressed her deep connection following her trip to Yerevan. She also talked about her diverse Christmas album, which features collaborations and covers, showing pride in its eclectic nature.

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