Baby Zebra Who’s Born With Dots Instead Of Zebra Stripes – First Time In History (10 Pics)

This extraordinary baby zebra with an extremely rare skin condition has attracted almost everyone on the internet.

As it can be seen in the pictures the baby zebra has dots instead of the stripes and appears as a zebra leopard. Following pictures of the cool zebra were captured by the photographers at Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve.

According to the details gathered, this is the first time to spot a zebra with a polka dot appearance.

This rare skin condition in animals is called the polka dot appearance and it's caused due to pseudo-melanism which results in the display of abnormal stripe designs.

Photographs of the baby zebra caught the interest of most of the internet users.

An adorable image of the mom zebra feeding her young one.

Watch the following video to get a better idea about the polka-dot baby zebra.

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