With 90-inches of flowing brown locks, this real life Rapunzel has hair brushing the ground behind her.

The woman, who refers to herself as a real-life Rapunzel, earns a living by growing and showcasing her hair. Taking care of her hair is a constant responsibility for her.

Alia Nasyrova, 33, mentioned that it took her 20 years to grow her hair to an impressive 90 inches, resembling the hair of Rapunzel from her favorite fairy tale.

“I started to grow my hair because since childhood I liked long hair very much. And I was always attracted (to) long hair heroines from fairy tales,” said the Latvian-born woman, who adds that she’s “a very long hair model, and also a Queen of super long hair!”

Nasyrova, who makes money by modeling on her website, provides special content to fans who pay, states: “I dream of traveling the world, looking for long-haired girls, telling about them and showing this beauty, which I treat as an art.”

The beautiful woman with long hair takes great care of her hair, which requires an hour of washing every day. She also needs to let it air dry for a whole day. When she goes out, she carries a separate bag just for her hair, filled with 22 pounds of liquids like shampoo, conditioner, and other hair accessories.

She also pampers her silky brown hair with hair workouts on a yoga mat.

Ivan Balaban, Nasroya’s husband, mentioned that he adores her long brown hair, but he makes an effort to give her space.

“I am always cuddling up the wall to give more space for hair, so there is no way I can damage it accidentally, mix them up or harm it any other way,” he shared in a 2017 interview.

“I always talk to the braid respectfully. Sometimes I ask it to move a bit.”

It can be difficult to manage hair that is long enough to touch the ground.

“Once in my childhood when I was in theatre someone left gum in my hair, it was a tragedy,” Nasyrova said. “I had to cut out a clump of hair to get rid of this gum, because it was very difficult.”

Despite having remarkably long hair, the Latvian woman, Nasyrova, does not hold the title for the longest hair.

China’s Xie Qiuping holds the record for the longest hair, as recognized by the Guinness World Records (GWR). She began growing her hair at the age of 13 in 1973 and achieved an astonishing length of 18 ft 5 in.

GWR reports that her “hair is almost as long as an adult male giraffe is tall.”

We can all admit that taking care of our hair can be quite complex, which is why we admire Alia Nasyrova for her patience and commitment in growing her beautiful long hair!

What are your thoughts on having really long hair? Can you manage it or do you prefer a shorter length for your hair?

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