What was this for and why a bottom shelf

Many houses constructed between the early to mid-1900s have a tiny shelf integrated into the kitchen or hallway wall. If you reside in an older home, you might have noticed this. If you never pondered about its purpose, you may have wondered why it was installed. Well, there was indeed a reason behind it!

A phone alcove is the name for that tiny shelf. Before cellphones, people used landlines to communicate. It feels like a distant memory now. Many houses were designed with only one spot for the phone. Some of them had a small shelf or drawer near the phone for address or phone books. It’s quite outdated to consider using an address book nowadays!

Nowadays, many people rely on cellphones instead of landlines. However, if you have a landline phone at home, you can get creative with it! You could use it as a decoration by placing an old phone there. Or, if you prefer, you could actually use it. The niche is spacious enough to hold books or other decor items. Another idea is to fill the niche with small potted plants. The possibilities are endless, so it’s all up to you!

I appreciate the convenience of new homes, but I also admire the unique details in old homes. Our house is quite old, lacking a phone niche. Does your house have one? If yes, I’m quite envious!

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