These old rusty sticks once had a unique use.

While gardening, this lady came across a few rusty metal items.

Initially, she was unsure of their purpose, but once she discovered their true identity, everything became clear!

Continue reading to discover additional information about these enigmatic objects!

Many people on social media commented on the strange items in the image the woman posted.

It seems that those are actually old window weights!

Vintage window weights are the heavy metal objects that can be discovered concealed within the older-style window frames. These weights were highly significant in the past as they facilitated the smooth opening and closing of the windows.

You may wonder, how do they actually work? Inside the window frame, there are pockets or channels where the weights are placed. Typically, these weights are made of cast iron and are connected to the window sashes with pulleys using cords or ropes. When the window is opened, these weights descend, helping to balance the weight of the sashes and making it simpler to move them up and down.

I found 19 of these old well anchor weights in a house I bought.
by inBlacksmith

Window weights were very popular in older houses before advanced window technology was introduced. It is highly likely that houses built in the 1800s and early 1900s had these weights in their windows.

As time passed and window technology advanced, these traditional weights became less popular. Nowadays, contemporary windows utilize counterbalance springs and advanced materials for better insulation and security. Moreover, they are much simpler to upkeep!

Vintage window weights may not be as trendy as they used to be, but they still exude a cool retro charm. Those who enjoy renovating old houses often choose to keep them as a way to preserve that timeless ambiance.

Vintage window weights were necessary for traditional windows to function properly. While not as popular now, they serve as a neat nod to the craftsmanship of the past.

Version 1: If you happen to be in an old house with vintage windows, remember to admire the quiet effort of the reliable window weights!

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