She Parked Her Car One Day To Do Some Shopping, But When She Returned, She Saw That Hundreds Of Unwanted Guests Had Attacked Her Car.

Carol Howarth, a resident of Haverfordwest, UK, left her car parked for a while to go shopping. However, upon her return, she was surprised to find her car covered in a large swarm of unwelcome visitors. The entire swarm had settled on the back of her car.

A local, Tom Moses, noticed the scene in astonishment:

The event was quite a spectacle. I drove to the location and noticed a large crowd of people already gathered, busy taking pictures. However, I felt a bit anxious. The car was parked right in front of a bar, and I was concerned that someone might do something foolish, like throwing boiling water on it. The situation had the potential to turn out very poorly.

Tom picked up the phone and contacted the individuals from a beekeeping website. In the end, they successfully gathered all the bees into a box.

Carol’s car will be returned to her temporarily. The following day, she realized that the bees had followed her home. Now, it was her responsibility to contact the beekeepers. Roger Burns, one of the beekeepers, suggested that the queen bee might have been drawn to something sweet inside the car.

She got stuck in the car’s plastic, and more than 2,000 bees followed her and gathered on the vehicle.

The beekeepers were able to release the queen bee, who then went back to her hive. They mentioned that bees usually follow their queen, but found it odd that they followed a car for two consecutive days.

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