Grandson Refuses To Let Family Put Grandma In A Home, Becomes Her Full-time Caretaker Instead.

Chris, a musician and content creator, has always aspired to achieve fame on YouTube. He experimented with different content formats, unaware that the secret to his triumph was right beside him – his grandmother.

Chris and his family, who are from Tarlac in the Philippines, relocated to the United States, taking a part of their home country with them. Lola, who used to be an elementary school teacher in the Philippines for more than twenty years, is now featured in Chris’s TikTok videos, where they speak in their native “Kapampangan” language. In 2015, Chris made the choice to become Lola’s primary caregiver when she was 88 years old.

Chris was clear about his decision. He had to make a tough choice between hiring a caregiver or sending her to a home for the aged, and he knew he had to take action.

He couldn’t stand the idea of his Lola being looked after by people he didn’t know or staying in a place she wasn’t familiar with. Chris’s commitment to his grandmother is apparent in every aspect of their shared life.

He realized that looking after her would demand his complete focus, affection, and tolerance, but he was fully prepared for the responsibility.

From 2014 onwards, he has been posting pictures of his grandmother, and since 2019, he began documenting their everyday experiences through vlogs, revealing their remarkable connection to the world.

Their vlogs offer a glimpse into their life, which is full of heartwarming moments. From carefully setting up Lola’s bed to making sure she stays hydrated and feels cherished, Chris takes care of everything.

He faces the difficult parts of caregiving head-on, like getting ready for bath time and changing diapers, approaching these moments with honesty and kindness.

Yet, it can be challenging at times.

During a recent interview on a Philippine TV channel, Chris shared about the difficulties they encounter, particularly as Lola’s memory fades. There are moments when she fails to recognize him, and it deeply saddens Chris.

However, he continues to stay strong in his dedication, reminding us to value every moment we have with our family and friends.

Chris’s story demonstrates the strength of love and commitment. He goes the extra mile to make sure his Lola is comfortable and happy. You can join their journey by watching their TikTok vlogs and subscribing to Chris’s YouTube channel.

Cherish the moments spent with family and show them love wholeheartedly.

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