One Cold Night, A Billionaire Met An Old Poor Man Outside. He Asked Him, “Don’t You Feel Cold Being Outside, And Not Wearing Any Coat?”

In this poignant narrative, we delve into a chance encounter between a billionaire and a destitute old man on a frosty night. Their brief exchange leads to a promise that carries profound consequences. This story serves as a reminder of the weight promises can bear, even in the most unexpected of circumstances.

One cold night, a billionaire met an old poor man outside. He asked him, “don’t you feel cold being outside, and not wearing any coat?”

The old man replied, “I don’t have it but I got used to that.”

The billionaire replied, “Wait for me. I will enter my house now and bring you one.” The poor man got so happy and said he will wait for him.

The billionaire entered his house and got busy there and forgot the poor man. In the morning he remembered that poor old man and he went out to search for him but he found him dead because of cold, but he left a NOTE.

“When I didn’t have any warm clothes, I had the power to fight the cold because I was used to that. But when you promised me to help me, I got attached to your promise and that took my power of resisting”.

Moral of the story: Don’t promise anything if you can’t keep your promise. It might not mean anything to you, but it could mean everything to someone else

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