13 People Who Have an Easter Egg From Nature Right on Their Bodies

Many people with unique body features garner a lot of attention, like the model, Winnie Harlow. Like her, many people are now using their unique characteristics to their advantage, and the world seems to be very accepting and loving. Whether it’s a genetic condition or a deformity, people feel liberated and comfortable showing their true selves online.

1. “There’s an old woman’s face in my belly button.”

2. Preauricular sinus: a small hole located on the exterior of the ear

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3. “I’ve never been able to play volleyball without getting injured because my fingers are too bendy.”

4. “Apparently this is called a triphalangeal thumb, a malformation where your thumbs have an extra phalanx.”

5. “I was born with 3-ish toes on my right foot.”

6. “I have a double earlobe.”

7. “My pinkie was the only finger to get numb when working outside in the winter.”

8. “My 30-year-old friend has just realized that his right pinkie has two phalanxes only.”

9. “Was at a water park and saw a ’hang six’ sign on the wall, and it just so happens I have 6 toes on my left foot.”

10. “My belly button attracts a lot of comments.”

11. “My son’s amazing birthmark”

12. A man that painted around his birthmarks

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13. Given the nickname “melanin goddess,” Khoudia Diop is a model with a very dark skin tone.

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