The First Ever Albino Twins Born In Argentina Will Leave You In Awe

It’s completely wrong to measure beauty – but it’s also hard to deny that some births go down in history and leave us in awe, just by looking at them.

Virginia and Catalina were born in 2018 in Argentina and got the headline in many media outlets. The reason why it’s kind of obvious when you see their picture. They both have an eye-catching snow-white hair.

The pictures of them went all over the internet, but as all media stories they lose the intensity, and people forgot about them. But recently they posted pictures of the snow-white sisters and they went viral all over again

Virginia and Catalina: How they looked after birth.

Back in 2018, Jorge Gomez and his wife were ecstatic to welcome their beautiful twins to the world. They already had a son, but two more would bring a lot more joy and real treasure in the family.

However, they had no idea they would give birth to such unique angels.

At first, Mrs. Gomez was having regular visits to the doctor, but when she got the news that she will give birth to twins it was BIG!

”When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness and when they were born and we saw that they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all. For us it is a blessing,” Jorge told a local newspaper.

They made sure they had everything to welcome two kids in this world instead of one.

Giving birth to twins increases the risk of complications, but the snow-white twins were born healthy.

They were born prematurely at 36th week, but both of them and the mother were doing just fine.

Instead, something else grabbed the headlines in Argentina: both girls were looking so unique that it became an overnight sensation.

When doctors first laid eyes on the beautiful twins they were at a loss for words. Both came out with a snow-white hair and didn’t resemble anyone in their family.

The little girls were born with albinism, a rare genetic disorder that causes a lack of pigmentation in the skin.

People with albinism have a reduced amount of melanin, or no melanin at all. This can affect their colouring and their eyesight. People with albinism often have white or very light blonde hair, although some have brown or ginger hair. The exact colour depends on how much melanin their body produces.

Catalina and Virgina were the first albino twins born in Argentina.

Their rare genetic disorder came at a shock for everyone, but nonetheless, they feel blessed for them.

Their rare genetic disorder came as a shock for everyone. But Jorge and his wife also felt blessed with their new additions.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness and when they were born and we saw that they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all,” dad Jorge told LV12.

There were some precautions the family had to bear in mind. For example, the girls are extremely sensitive to UV rays, which affects a family with young children.

This year these beautiful little white angels turned 4 years old on April 12th and become beautiful by the day.

In December last year, the girls posed as models when a person close to the family made some incredibly cute dresses for them.

We hope their story will shed some light on albinism and how uniquely beautiful albino people can be.

They will grow up to be different looking than the rest, but both of their parents make sure to raise their little angels with unconditional love and love without judgment.

Whatever happens, these little angels will always have each other!

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