Optical illusion reveals if you are too self critical

Optical illusions can trick your mind into seeing something that is not really there, or miss to notice the obvious, and that’s the reason why they are so popular.

The human mind is incredible and works in unique ways. That is why different people perceive same things in a different manner. Most times, the question isn’t whether something is right or wrong, but it’s all about how we see the world around us. And that’s also true about optical illusions, just like the one below which determines how self-critical you are.

This caused a stir and plenty of views when it was shared on TikTok by user Mia Yillin (@mia_yillin).

Image Credits: TikTok | @mia_yillin

So, how self-critical are you?

Well, there are two images hidden in the photo. The first one is of a crow perched on top of a rock, and the other one shows a face of a man made from small rocks stocked one over another.

Mia explained what it means if you have noticed the crow or the face first.

The Crow: If the first thing that you noticed is the crow, you have a reputation for being judgmental. However, according to Mia, although this looks like a criticism at first glance, it’s not necessarily something bad. She adds that you are likely a person who finds themselves holding strong opinions about others almost unintentionally. However, your intuition is also notably strong, which means that most of the time your suspicions and assumptions are proven to be true.

The Face: If you saw the face first, you are too self-critical, and that’s a form of a defense mechanism for you. This is because you have a deep fear of being disliked or rejected by those around you. Mia added that these people should do all in their power to avoid letting the self-critical and self-sabotaging thoughts stay on your way of finding yourself and being the person you want to be.

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