Motorcycle Racer Joan Lascorz Finds Companionship in a Cheetah

Do you see a friendly man with a cheetah anywhere? So, this story starts with a friendship between a man and a large cheetah. All of you know about cheetahs. Cheetahs are large cats famous for their speed, agility, and distinctive spotted coat. They can reach up to seventy miles per hour in short bursts covering distances up to 1,500 feets. Cheetahs have a slender build, long legs and a small head compared to other big cats. Their coat is covered in black spots on a golden-yellow background, and they have distinctive “tear marks” running from the corners of their eyes to their mouth. These markings are thought to help reduce glare from the sun and aid in hunting. Cheetahs are carnivorous animals that primarily feed on small to medium-sized mammals. For example, they can be gazelles, impalas, and springboks. They are solitary hunters, and females usually raise their cubs alone. Unfortunately, cheetahs are considered vulnerable due to habitat loss, poaching, and other threats. So, can you believe that kind of animal starts a friendship with a man?

A Renowned Motorcycle Racer’s Journey

This story is not about another one; he is a famous motor bicycle racer, Joan Lascorz Moreno. Joan Lascorz Moreno is a famous Spanish motorcycle racer who competed in the Super Sport World Championship from 2005 to 2010 and the Superbike World Championship in 2011 and 2012. He started his racing career with scooters and 125ccs in Spain, then moved to Supermoto, and later focused on Supersport. He had successful seasons in the domestic championship on Hondas before moving up to World Supersport in 2007. Lascorz gained factory Kawasaki support for 2009 and scored four podiums, but a collision at Silverstone in 2010 left him with multiple injuries. In 2011, he moved to the Superbike World Championship with Kawasaki, finishing 11th overall. However, he engaged in a severe accident during post-race testing at the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari in 2012, which left him paralyzed and unable to walk again. After retiring from racing, he joined a team of sports commentators and covered the World Superbikes series on Spanish television in 2013.


A Man and His Cheetah Friend

So, after the accident he faced, there were lots of inconveniences. But there is a friend who never leaves him. That is an unbelievable friend, Cheetah. Usually, a friendship between a man and a cheetah is not a natural occurrence in the wild, as cheetahs are wild animals and can be dangerous. However, in some instances, cheetahs raised in captivity may form bonds with humans. If a cheetah has been socialized with humans since it was a cub, it may develop a trusting relationship with its human caretaker. With proper training and care, the cheetah may allow the human to approach, touch, and even play with it. However, it is essential to note that cheetahs are still wild animals and should always be treated with respect and caution. Even a cheetah raised in captivity can still be unpredictable and potentially dangerous. It is not recommended for anyone to attempt to form a close relationship with a cheetah, as it can harm both humans and animals.


Complex Dynamics of Human-Cheetah Relationships

Humans are characterized by their advanced cognitive abilities, language, culture, and ability to create and use complex tools. Anyway, this bike rider and cheetah have an unbelievable bond. Cheetahs are wild animals and are not suitable as pets. While some people may find them cute or fascinating, it is important to remember that they are apex predators with unique needs and behaviours that cannot be replicated in a domestic setting. Keeping cheetahs as pets is also illegal in many countries due to conservation concerns and the potential danger to both animals and humans. It is much safer and more responsible to appreciate these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat or through wildlife conservation efforts. However, most people love animals and love to feed them. It is not a big problem if those animals are suitable or not suitable for keeping as pets. They do not consider the cuteness or attraction or color of the animals. Only they have is love.


The Unique Bond:

This is how, Joan Lascorz, a former race car driver who is now wheelchair-bound after a tragic accident, has found companionship in a cheetah that he raised from an early age. Despite using a wheelchair, Joan has discovered other interests to channel his excitement for life. Joan and the cheetah share a close bond, with the animal behaving much like any other pet and following Joan wherever he goes. We can see that; they rub their noses and share affection like any other human-pet relationship. When he goes, the cheetah too follows him. They hug and play. Also, they cannot stay without each other. That much love is near them. So sometimes we cannot see such kind of love from humans and this friendship is not a fake one.


Finding Joy and Love in Unconventional Friendships

In a world where human-animal friendships are often limited to common domestic pets, the extraordinary bond between Joan Lascorz and his cheetah companion defies convention. Despite the inherent risks and challenges, this unique friendship showcases the capacity for love and connection beyond the boundaries of species. Joan, a former motorcycle racer who tragically lost his ability to walk, found solace and companionship in a cheetah that he raised from an early age. Their relationship goes beyond mere coexistence; it is marked by affection, playfulness, and a deep understanding between two beings who have transcended the limitations of their respective worlds. While society may not readily comprehend or accept such a friendship, the undeniable joy and love shared by Joan and his cheetah friend serve as a testament to the remarkable possibilities that exist when we open our hearts and embrace unconventional connections.

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