30 Tall People That Traveled To Japan Shared The Times They Didn’t ‘Fit’ In

Japan is full of breathtaking places to visit. From dreamy gardens to historic temples and magnificent castles, it’s no wonder that this East Asian country is attracting around 30 million tourists each year. Additionally, Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, making it an ideal safe place for visitors. Aside from sightseeing, tourists can also indulge in various tourism-promoting activities such as skiing, riding the shinkansen (bullet train), or exploring the mountains. If you want to relax, there are several onsen (hot spring inns) that you can visit. Not to mention, Japanese cuisine is totally the best. However, if you intend to visit Japan, there are several things to consider especially if you’re tall. As it turns out, tall people problems are real in Japan.

The average height of Japanese male is 5’7” while the average height of Japanese women is only 5’2”. So, if you stand taller than this, you may find some difficult times trying to fit in Japan. A 29-year-old German blogger, who stands 5’11”, shares his story about his life in Japan when he moved there in 2016. In his Being Tall in Japan blog, he documented his interesting experience of how he felt like a giant in Japan.

“So, while I’m average in my home country, I’m considered tall in Japan.”, Johannes said in his blog. “When your body height is above the Japanese average, you will very likely bump your head.”

True enough, there are many tourists who have encountered tall people problems in Japan, just like Johannes did. And here are some photos to show their height-related struggles when they visited the beautiful country.

“My 6’7″ Stepfather Is Visiting Japan This Week”

Tall in Japan

“6’3” Lived In A Traditional Japanese House In Japan For Two Months. There Were Lots Of Exposed Wooden Beams”

If you’re over 6 feet tall, a good rule of the thumb is to always mind your head when you’re in Japan. Of course, be used to people asking if you’re a basketball player. But hey, it’s nice to stand out in a foreign land once in a while. Just don’ forget to bring your helmet just in case.

“Asked A Guy To Take A Photo Of Me And My Friends With Some Bathing Snow Monkeys In Nagano, Japan. Checked The Photo Later”

“Life Being Tall In Japan. Side Note: This Was A Hit With The Crowd And There Were Lots Of Giggles”

“My Trip To Japan As A 6.3 Feet Guy Summed Up”

Shark Bait

“I Recently Traveled to Japan”

“Everytime I Visit Japan I Feel Like I Don’t Fit In… I Wonder Why?”

“In Japan, Tall Friends Duck Together”

Tall People Problems

“We Came, We Saw, We Raised The Roof”

“Japan Wasn’t Built For Me”

“If I Could Summarize My Recent Trip To Japan In One Photo, This Would Be It”

“Stayed One Night In This Hostel In Japan. My Head Connected With This Light 8 Times”

“Loved My First Trip To Japan”

Hotels Suck

“The Free Brain Cell Removal Rooflines Are A Common Fixture In Japan”

Being Tall in Japan

“Another Problem With Being A Tall Man In Japan”

Meanwhile in Tokyo

“Just Got Back From A Trip To Japan. I Know I’m Tall. Didn’t Realize Just *How* Tall Compared To All The Japanese Folks”

“Traditional Japanese Home. Clearing Doorways Is A Challenge”

“So My Brother (6’7″), My Sister (6’0″), And Myself (6’4″) Went To Japan… We Had A Hard Time Getting In”

“Just Found R/Tall. I’m Happy To Finally Be Among My Kind. Here’s Me In Japan Trying To Fit In”

Big in Japan

“Tall People Problems #5535 – On A Train In Japan”

“My Shower At My Hotel In Japan. I Am Not Pleased Nor Is My Neck”

“Being 6 Ft 3 In Was Pretty Tough In Japan”

“To Tall Guys Traveling In Japan: I Feel You, Brothers. I’m 195 Cm (6’4″)”

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