A Couple Who’ve Been Together 23 Years After Adopting An Orphaned Bear Friend

In fact, the Panteleenko family adopted Stepan, an orphaned bear, 23 years ago. So this strong bond has been a rock for the Pantelenko family since Stepan was adopted.

This is the standard for a Russian relationship. Meet Stepan, a domesticated pet bear who lives with his humans Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko in Moscow.

He was a 3-month-old orphan when Stepan was adopted by this Russian couple. He was found by hunters while they were in a dangerous condition. So Svetlana and Yuriy decided to cure him and give him a home.

“When his mother died, hunters discovered him in the woods, and he was only three months old when we adopted him. He was losing weight and his health was failing.” The pair claims that.

This bear, 7 feet tall and weighing 200 kg, has lived very lovingly with them for about 23 years.

The Russian bear eats 25 kg of vegetables, fish and eggs a day! And his favorite snack is a can of condensed milk. Stepan has not hesitated to engage in outdoor sports to maintain his physical health. Often he is also busy with photo shoots and acting in movies.

“He is a very social bear who, contrary to popular belief, is not at all violent. Stepan has never bit us. He enjoys nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with us as we watch TV at night; he also has a wide range of skills and enjoys going on picnics. Amazingly, he doesn’t eat us alive.” The couple stated about Stepan.

Stepan loves to watch television with the couple and even helps with household chores like watering the plants. He also very enjoyable acting in movies and posing for pictures. He has a calm attitude and is commonly found cuddling up to the couple on the sofa.

Stepan lovely hugs in the picture below.

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