16 Times Celebrities Photobombed Ordinary People

Capturing everything and anything has become a common practice these days. Whether it’s a happy one, a sad incident or a surprise, everyone will take out his smartphone and capture it. In fact, It is because of this photo addiction that we have even got separate social media platforms to upload images!

However, what should you do if you’re photobombed by a celebrity while you’re trying to take a selfie? Well, It’s one of the best things ever happend and it will increase the value of the picture a thousandfold! We all like to pose with stars but it is not something that happens often. They would not roam arounds in the park like us and therefore when you accidentally click a picture with De Capricho or Prince William behind you, in fact, that would be worth more than words would say.

So, out of the 8 billion people who are currently living on Earth, if you’ve photobombed by a celebrity, then you must be truly lucky person. However, we thought sharing some such perfect pictures in this article.

Keep scrolling to down see this adorable pictures and, don’t forget to share your thoughts with us! Enjoy!

#1 Jennifer Lawrence Won That Oscar For A Reason

Source: ryanseacrest

#2 Prince Harry Is A King Of Photobombing

Source: winnieharlow

#3 Apparently, Photobombing Runs In The Family

#4 Can I Have A Photobomb Like This One Too?

Source: 50cent

#5 “My Friend Tried To Secretly Snap A Picture Of Emma Stone And Andre Garfield Eating Dinner- Here Is The Result”

#6 Rihanna Definitely Made This Photo Better

Source: Bob Saget

#7 The Perks Of Being Friends With George Clooney

#8 Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Photobomb Pro

#9 This Is What Brothers Are For

Source: joejonas

#10 These 2 Are Just Incredible

Source: donald_aison

#11 Pretty, Little Photobomb

Source: Keegan Allen

#12 Tom Hanks Photobombed Elisabeth And Ryan’s Wedding Photoshoot

#13 James Hardens Keeps Up With The Kardashians

#14 Neil Patrick Harris Ruined A Perfect Family Photo

#15 Aaaahhh The Queen Photobombed Our Selfie

Source: jaydetaylor

#16 That Time Bruce Willis Photo Bombed Donia Yousry’s Husband And Daughter’s Photo, He Is Actually Smiling

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