22 examples of how adults turned ordinary colouring books into something completely unchildish

As a kid, almost everyone had coloring books with different animals, princesses, and cars. We added color to them, which made the scene bright and happy. Have you ever thought about what might happen if an adult gets a hold of a coloring book for kids? The picture will come out more interesting than the author planned. Feel free to consider these 22 ideas for making cute coloring books into something kid-friendly.

Rapunzel discovers her friend's inner world


It was not possible to go down the hair

When you are one half a good Dalmatian and the other half a zombie

New Disney Princess

This donkey talked too much

Werewolf Pluto

Vinny knows a lot about plants

You can expect anything from hungry girls

Not all bears are cute

The Grinch decided to try something new

Another victim of the forest sect

The stranger sent his dog

Pennywise never sleeps

Ant invasion

“I always didn’t like this donkey.”

“Who is daddy?”

Scary balls

Daisy Zombie

"I'll clear your mind"

Little imp

The Walking Dead

The cat melted a little

New fairy tales

Alice in McDonald's Land

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