Parents Leave 25 Hilarious Notes to Kids

You are well aware of the rewards and difficulties of becoming a parent. Your kids might occasionally be celestial angels. But frequently, all you want to do is yell at them for being such spoiled brats. Everyone is aware that rage and crying won't get things done. Therefore, the best course of action may be to correct or train your little devil in a passive-aggressive manner.

The funniest parenting memes, humorous letters from dads, and hilarious texts from mums with instructions for the day's WiFi password are all included on this list. A list of funny letters parents have written to their kids has been assembled. This is parenting done well, in our opinion! At the very least, these notes will brighten your day and make you grin.

1. Father Leaves The Perfect Threatening Note For His Troubled Teens

2. I recently returned from work and discovered this note from my father in the refrigerator. I wandered into the living room to look for my cat because I was lost. Many thanks, Dad!

3. The Modern WiFi Password 3.

4. Success!

5. My father writes misspelt notes, and I respond.

6.  Dadfact of the Day

7. Dad's Unwanted Guidance

8. A Sweet Message from Mom

9. She Was Too Old To Take Notes In Her Lunch, My Daughters Said - My Response Winning

10. Oops, I Failed

11. Parents took a weekend trip out of town. I got laundry instructions from Mom.

12. When What Must Be Done Is Not Visible

13. I'm Pleased With Your Attempts to Assist

14. My dad tried to borrow toothpaste, and I found this note in my bathroom drawer.

15. A Sweet Message From My Mother

16. Mother's Love Is Enough Fuel

17. It's Alright

18. I Do Hope You Mind

19. I Found a Note From My Mother In The Car

20. Hipster parenting level

21. My father's note to my brothers about the outlets in the house

22. This note was placed in a friend's child's lunchbox today. I'm not a parent, but this seems reasonable to me

23. a friend's mother likes to write notes on the refrigerator. She Reacted in this manner.

24. My 7-year-old daughter enjoys the notes I include in her lunch, but her friends don't get it.

25. Yesterday, I bought a new hatchet. This Note On It Is What I Found Downstairs. My father is attempting to teach me the importance of putting things away.

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