A total of $120,000 was spent by "Dragon Girl" on her body changes

Are you interested in something? Dragon Girl, who likes to change her body, is the same way. She spent $120,000 to change her look from head to toe. When she put on makeup to cover her tattoos and saw a glimpse of her old self, it made her cry.

Amber Luke, from Queensland, Australia, spent about $50,000 on more than 600 tattoos and had blue ink injected into her eyes in a 40-minute process. She was blind for three weeks because of this, but she wasn't done. The Dragon Girl also spent $70,000 on extreme body changes, such as having her tongue split, her breasts enlarged, her cheeks and lips filled, her ears pointed, and even her butts lifted in Brazil.

During an episode of Hooked On The Look, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon girl said she hated her old look and thought she looked bad after covering up her tattoos. She says that it might sound selfish, but she loves that she chose to change her body. The Dragon Girl is now sure of herself and loves herself. She feels like a whole new person.

With bold and expensive moves, it's clear that these people care a lot about how they look and have grown to love themselves even more.

The Dragon Girl Spent $120,000 on Body Modifications That Will Never Be Forgotten.

Amber's love of tattoos peaked when she was only 16 years old. She had no idea that her desire to know more would lead her to change her body. The dragon girl is sure that life is too short to waste on boring things. She encourages people to try new things and take chances.

Amber had surgery to get the look she wanted, which included cutting her tongue, making her ears pointy, and getting breast implants. Her final goal is to have tattoos all over her body, and she isn't afraid to spend a lot of money to get there. She says that she has spent over $50,000 on tattoos alone, not counting the other ways she has changed her body.

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