22 Pictures That Will Make You Can't Believe Your Eyes

Have you ever seen a ghost biker, a hedgehog dog, or flowers resembling a skull? No? Well, you're about to see them. We are showing you pictures of "miracles" that happened because of unusual angles, playing with light or shadows, and our imagination.

We found 22 pictures that you might need to look at twice or even thrice to figure out what's happening. Ultimately, there's a bonus: a photo going viral online.

01. "Sometimes I think my dog is a fox instead of a dog."

02. Flowers show signs that they are already dead.

03. A strange picture of a cat's soul leaving its body

04. The way my dog's ear hangs down makes it look like a baboon's face.

05. Pipes and a lot of lines, but nothing special.

06. It is a strange hedgehog because it sometimes barks and sounds like the name Marley.

07. Bikers and the people who died

08. She has very skinny legs. Wait a minute

09. This guy is also cute-looking.

10. What people say speaks for itself.

11. What a cute doggy

12. Sam Jinks's "Woman and Child" sculpture looks very real.

13. 2D technologies were used to build these houses.

14. How can you forget that a robot has teeth?

15.On the back of my washer is a picture of a happy man.

16. The "black dot" effect happens when I type on my laptop computer. Pay close attention.

17. I came across a rock that looked like a small planet.

18. A flat building again! Is this something new?

19. There are rabbits from "Donnie Darko" on my boss's door.

20. Mom! Please let me play for five more minutes.

21. Why do you have so many legs, young lady?

22. When your lady has two personalities, but you still love her.

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