18 Tattoos That Replaced Scars With Amazing Work Of Art

Scars are the past that are carried on the skin for a lifetime. It might be a good memory or a bad one, differs from one person to another.

Below are some wonderful works of art done by some talented tattoo artists, helping their clients to replace their scars with amazing tattoos.

#1 A cute Panda cub to replace a scary past.

#2 Engulfing a subtle scar with a beautiful tattoo.

#3 Perfect artwork for the scar.

#4 A Creative job over an unwanted scar.

#5 The creativeness of the artist demonstrated.

#6 Flaming Wolf hides a burned scar.

#7 A whole arm of scars replaced by a beautiful Black and grey tattoo.

#8 The artist creatively uses the scar as a part of the tattoo.

#9 Another great usage of the scar placement to incorporate with the tattoo.

#10 When creativeness takes over.

#11 Application and creativity is key.

#12 Inspiration can come from anywhere!

#13 A scar replaced by the magic of art.

#14 The scar is almost invisible on the arm now.

#15 Accepting the marks on the body with an artistic touch.

#16 Aesthetically pleasing covering of a scar.

#17 Why hide a scar when it could be a fish?

#18 Accepting the scars without hiding them to tell one’s own story.

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