10 Very Different People Caught On Subway In Super Weird Condition

There are more fun things to do than taking the metro, bus, or underground. Whether you take the train daily to get to work or just occasionally, you will meet some strange people. If you've seen this strange group of people, you should walk instead of taking public transportation. The result can be a funny mix of interest and embarrassment.


1. Take a picture with Sleeping Beauty

2. Quite ironical

3. What the heck is she trying to do? Pole dance?

4. Well, I have a lot of people with me, so save me a place!

5. Spiderman in the subway

6. Instead of wasting your time, why not take a nap?

7. Have a good meal!

8. He was committed to his work

9. And sleep like no one's business

10. Attention Seeker?

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