17+ weird pictures that show the wild side of the Internet

How strange is the Internet? You can find everything you are looking for here and even more. People often say we shouldn't believe everything we see online, but that's false. Sometimes it's not about whether or not something is true; sometimes, we can't think about what we know because it's so odd, strange, or silly. We can confidently say that the Internet is full of strange things that make us want to laugh.

We compiled a list of 17+ strange pictures that show the wild side of the Internet. Scroll down to see some fun stuff, and if you want more, follow realmemephone on Instagram.

1. We are still determining which came first, the chicken or the egg, but we know that Eggo came last.

2. How comeeeeee?

3. This seat is so handy!

4. Are you okay, bro?

5. Do you want to try that ice cream?

6. Thank you! I hate this tattoo

7. Taking into account how useful it is

8. Everything has to be edited! Nothing is visible

9. Nice plug

10. Look, look, look at the wall

11. Nice face!

12. Wait a minute!

13. Next question, please

14. Good maths.

15. WTH?

16. Ouch!

17. Introverted elevator, huh?

18. It hurts a lot

19. Milkshake, anyone?

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