These 16 People Have Imaginations That Are Out of This World

We love to show how we feel in many different ways. It's a way out. Some people like to sing, dance, or write for fun. But these people have imaginations that allow them to think big or, in some cases, small. They think outside the box to make things so strange that we sometimes have to look at them twice.

1. "I spent four long years building my dream '80s video store in my basement for family, friends, and creative projects."

2. "Finally, this one-line drawing is done. Close up; it should look like a mess. But, it should be easy to see from far away."

3. "I'm a huge fan of Stranger Things! Here is my scary/adorable Demogorgon."

4. "I taught myself how to bake, and here are some of the things I've made." 

5. "I made this illusion rug, and the banana is there for size."

6. "I made 120 bees."

7. "I made these—a series called Toy Cars on Canvas. Each of them is between 60 and 80 pounds."

8. "I carved these two Okinawa lions by hand out of wax. They will be my silver ring charters in the future. I spent almost 9 hours on each one."

9. "My attempt at making nebulae."

10. "This year, I pushed myself even more. As a result, my laser and hand-painted/sealed photography skills have also improved."

11. "My dad made this from scratch for my niece's third birthday."

12. "I am working on this chessboard. I made it from silver and 24k gold. Every square has. 7 mm x .7mm."

13. "Needle-felted dog."

14. "I painted some small pieces of wood!"

15. "I finally put my knee replacement scar to good use."

16. "As crazy as it sounds, lightning struck me about a month ago! Today, I got tattoos over the scars to show I'm still alive!"

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