20 Epic Design Fails That Happened For Real And Cracked People Up

Designers attempt to make shops, books, businesses, etc. more appealing to customers. They always try to think originally and innovate something absolutely fresh and novel. But, sometimes they look from a completely different angle that they miss the peculiarity in their designs and convey a wrong message to the public.

The designs they think are masterpieces can turn out to be utter failures because they don’t get a second opinion. The public quickly spots such hilarious fails and once they are posted online, there’s no turning back.

The following are some of such design fails that will surely give you a good hearty laugh.

#1 Incest is okay?

Image credits – Dursi

#2 This bus is a masterpiece

Image credits – Germantoast33

#3 Yellow marble looking artsy

Image credits – Taylorcluett

#4 Listen to this advice     

Image credit – Orange-Crocs

#5 I hope this guy never sees this ad

Image credits – ErickJail

#6 Very much free

Image credits – GallowPlaceHolder

#7 Next level of toilet design

Image credits – Nurpus

#8 The pen definitely is

Image credits – Zekeroonie

#9 What a wood chipper

Image credits – ryusomad

#10 Outside the box, my friend

Image credits – Goofyjeff4

#11 Toilet king!

Image credits – KikoDosSantos

#12 Jana dear, we love you!

Image credits – thesmith87

#13 Very creative!

Image credits – RedditTossAccount

#14 MacDonald’s happy meal toy

Image credits – theblondepenguin

#15 That’s a nice ‘M’ right there

Image credits – plspassdabudder

#16 I’m scared of Kansas City now

Image credits – trobsmonkey

#17 Oh so holy!

Image credits – Jarnalabe

#18 Couldn’t live up to expectations

Image credits – NeutralMilkHotelIsOverrated

#19 This design is definitely unique

Image credits – Mog-Player

#20 End everyone!

Image credits – Matto81 

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