18 Oddly Fashion-Conscious People

You might see a strangely dressed person on the streets. This is not odd. It’s a trendsetter, a fashion innovator. These are the people who invent or catch the latest trends. We chose to write about them.

Style and fashion are important to us but not as much to the people below.

What are your thoughts on modern fashion trends? Are you familiar with such trendsetters? Leave your comments with your photos and stories.

#01 The Trend This Season: Fishtail Eyebrows

#02 Mad Hatter’s Creation

#03 My Bottle – My Rules

#04 These Pants Are A Tattoo Or Pants?

#05 Fairy Godmother, Are You That Fairy?

#06 This Picture Is Not Funny. Are You A Greater Victim?

#07 You Realize You Are A Backpack When Considering The Entire World’s Fate

#08 A Hair Window

#09 Yuzuru Hanyu Is A Figure Skater Who Uses A Water Bottle Case To Carry His Various Outfits

#10 Great Bag For Fishing

#11 In A Subway, You Can Meet Many People

#12 From Where Did She Obtain This Combination?

#13 Fashion’s Evolution. What’s Next?

#14 Let Me Show You The Next Step

#15 Fashion’s Spirit

#16 Do You Have Any Knowledge About Rolling, Son?

#17 Eco-chic Remains Popular

#18 This Is How It Always Works

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