16 Hilarious “Who Wore It Better?” Photos That Are Just Too Perfect

Randomness is so wild in the world. You will be amazed at the number of possible outcomes for something to happen. You can’t expect everything to happen in a certain way. This coincidence effect is always surprising and unexpected. It has a funny sense of humor because it makes us laugh so hard that we obsess about it for some time.

It’s funny to make fun of things like this, but sometimes it’s just impossible not to. You let it control you.

#01 Definitely The Highlight Of The Year


#02 I Can’t Believe She Stole That Wash Brush


#03 I’d Say The Girl, Homer Is Trying Way Too Hard


#04 The Baby Obviously Won This One


#05 This Is Just A Picture Of A Carpet, I Don’t Get It


#06 No One In This Universe Can Possibly Be Sexier Than That Burrito

Ivanka Trump

#07 At Least The Corn’s Hair Is Real


#08 Lil Wayne Or E.T?

Getty Images

#09 They Look Exactly The Same, So Hard To Tell Apart

Getty Images

#10 That Patio Heater Is Skinnier Tho

Getty Images

#11 This Is Just A Picture Of 3 Shopping Bags, I Don’t Get It


#12 This Is Where She Belongs


#13 Both Of Them Make Me Cry


#14 When The Whole Squad Wears The Same Outfit


#15 How Dare You Compare This Sexy Panini To That Thing


#16 He-man Or Nicki Minaj?


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