15 pictures that show how amazing our world is

Life is known for not being predictable and surprising us when we least expect it. Even though we try to plan and control every part of our lives, the world often keeps us on our toes with twists and turns we didn't see coming. These unplanned events spark our imaginations and make our lives more interesting. Here are 15 examples of people being surprised in funny and surprising ways that will make you look twice and start a talk.

1. Skin of a person who has been swimming for 55 hours.

2. "I think my legs look a little tired after 16 stages of the Tour de France."

3. "My arm hurts after grinding fibreglass all day."

4. This tiny can of soda

5. "A thousand miles from home, I found a mosquito wind chime with the same pattern as the shirt I was wearing that day."

6. "A guy on my flight thought it was a day for two hats."

7. "An old VHS camera is hanging from the ceiling of this doughnut shop. It's being used as a security camera."

8. "The peels were hurt by the heat."

9. "A tree in my backyard grew around a bungee cord."

10. "This toilet paper is folded to look like a sailboat."

11. "How the snow melted off the hood of my car after I let it run for a while."

12. "At the gym, "I sweated my guts out" is written on my T-shirt.

13. "Look at how this tree root has taken over the whole planter on the sidewalk."

14. "This is the facade of a music school in Armenia."

15. "This spiral palm tree is something I saw in Thailand."

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