15 Pics That Show Expectation Vs Reality Of Online Shopping

With the growth of technology, people now start finding easy ways to do things like shopping paying bills, etc… and when it comes to online shopping you get impressed with the low prices they have and at times you get surprised with what you receive. When considered going to malls, staying in line to pay the bill, and then finally getting what you want online shopping is way far better than that. It’s really time-saving and fast and easy to pay too.

And when you think of online shopping have you ever received something totally different than what you expected? Whether you say it or not almost every person who does online shopping might have been surprised even for once by what they have received. There are times that you receive products that are extremely different from what you have ordered. Maybe they are oversized or maybe too small for you whatever the reason maybe you might have experienced ab online shopping failure in life. And if you haven’t experienced something like that have a look at these people below who have experienced online shopping failures. And if you are someone who has a similar experience compare yours with the following.

#1 This Shirt Is From A Chinese Fast Fashion Website. Who’s Surprised?

© mjkazkaz / Reddit

#2 Inside Out… But Still…

© SomeTypicalRedditGuy / Reddit

#3 Ever Seen Printed Knit-Sweaters?

© titsmcfitz / Reddit

#4 Ordered For The Kid, But Fitted The Mom!

© Pleasedontdmme / Reddit

#5 $60 And Non-Refundable

© 1deringifuknow / Reddit

#6 Who Wants To Get Their Head Shrunk?

© ChloeMalius / Twitter

#7 What A Donut!

© TheRookieGetsACookie / Reddit

#8 This Dress Arrived Without The Top Part

© Theheadandthefart / Reddit

#9 Even A Hand Can’t Fit In These Boots Ordered For Halloween

© Sallamandersal / Twitter

#10 “Asymmetric Deep V-Neck Maxi Dress”

© MadiBryan3 / Twitter

#11 The Very Rare Occasion When A Bigger Size Arrives

© SophiaCK / Twitter

#12 Nice Knit Sweater!

© meatloafthepuppy / Reddit

#13 This Trousers Suit A Slanderman

© psychedelime / Twitter

#14  Are You Sure It’s A Prom Dress?

© kavs126 / Twitter

#15 Skirt Or Serviette?

© huge_loadof-cman / Twitter

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