13 pictures that show you have an overly vivid imagination

Imagination is amazing. Humans are born with this incredible ability, and we use it to make our lives joyful. Here are a few things that will make you laugh out loud.


I thought that this was a different kind of animal!

Clingy sea animal

Um, dude, something is sticking to your back, not your jacket!

Tripping is it

Am I crazy, or does this dog have legs like a person?

How cool is that?

It looks like that little guy is on a big woman.

Is that true?

Her hand blends into her leg.

He's in a fight, but with whom?

Who does he fight with?

Quite funny

This is the best shot ever taken of twins.

She did what she could.

How is she?

Quite a fantasy

That is the arm of the photographer. Phew...

Well timed

It's all about the timing!

She might have done a better job.

Shave your armpits, girl!


Once you see, you can't unsee!

Would you like to try it?

Use your nose to smell hair.

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