Photographer captured the unique beauty of a girl with albinism and heterochromia

Chechen photographer Amina Arsakova was in a shopping center when she spotted a picture of 11-year-old Amina Ependieva. And instantly, she was intrigued and mesmerized by the young girl’s appearance. This is because Ependieva has two rare genetic conditions: albinism and heterochromia. And these conditions have made her one in a million.

#1. Albinism reduces the amount of melanin pigment in the skin, eyes, and hair, while heterochromia results in a difference in coloration of the iris

#2. Ependieva has them both; she has white-blonde hair and pale skin with one blue eye and one brown eye

#3. Arsakova wanted to do a photo-shoot with this beautiful young lady and contacting her wasn’t easy\

#4. After some searching, she could get her mother’s phone number. They scheduled a portrait session after that

#5. “Amina Ependieva turned out to be a very nice and calm girl,” Arsakova tells

#6. The portraits are spectacular. They depict Ependieva in tranquil interior scenes where she is seated in a neutral setting. The close-ups capture the extraordinary beauty of the young girl

#7. Arsakova got to know the girl through image-making, yet she has a lot to learn about Ependieva

#8. “Unfortunately, it was not at all possible to find out details about the features of her appearance,” she says

#9. “I hope that in the near future it will be possible to arrange a new photo-shoot with Amina Ependieva and chat in a relaxed atmosphere”

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