Dad recreates 30 of his children's animal and bird drawings, and the results are very terrifying.

Al and Dom like sketching many creatures, including birds, fish, cars, people, and household items. Typically, they would sketch in a crude and humorous manner depending on how they were feeling. Their father thought their drawings were interesting and chose to turn them into actual objects or monsters. Tom has reproduced countless drawings made by his children. However, his children are now adults and no longer draw in this manner, so he posts their older artwork on social media. 

1. A hummingbird who is standing in the air:

2. A bird with one leg:

3. When a 6-year-old draws a horse:

4. Donald Trump is shocked:

5. Have you ever seen an eight-legged badger before?

6. They drew a square-shaped lynx:

7. So, they tried to draw the famous painting ‘The Girl with a Pearl Earring’ by Johannes Vermeer.

8. No idea, what they had in their mind while drawing this. A goose or a duck?

9. Just a brown doggo with bird’s legs:

10. Meet the unicorn fish:

11. That’s a chick with no legs, only a face with a few feathers:

12. A cow with a droopy body and no tail:

13. Kids drew an army tank that would cause destruction but their father added bubbles and made it look cute:

14. Doggos are the happiest animals:

15. What kind of bacon is it?

16. When heavy air passes by you:

17. The scorpion who is winking at you:

18. Look at this Monkey who has a hand bigger than his whole body:

19. This camel has the naughtiest eyes:

20. So, the kid blessed this pony with asymmetrical eyes and broken teeth:

21. Why do they look so surprised?

22. I think they did well drawing a toucan:

23. Who else thinks that it is a puffin?

24. Seems like they are pretty mad at how men look. In their world, men look like this:

25. Guess where this plane would land?

26. Look at this happy creature:

27. Have you ever seen a broken slug before?

28. Wow, she did so well with the bull:

29. Someone drew a rhino with a very small face:

30. A crazy doggo who looks more like a starfish than a dog:

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