A gorgeous model posts her baby bump on social media, but no one believes it

Social media has become the best way to spread the news and tell people about important things. It can reach as many people as possible as quickly as possible. If you're lucky, your post could also go viral, and you could become a big name on the internet. We'll talk about a similar case that got a lot of attention. It's the story of a model showing off her baby bump in pictures, but no one believed her. Yes, a happy pregnant woman showed off her baby bump, but her fans didn't realize she was expecting it. Keep reading to see what happens next.

Check out the photos of a model who showed off her baby bump, but no one believed her.

Belle Lucia is an Australian model. She is well-known on Instagram; 1.2 million people follow her.

She posted the picture with the caption, "Since I got pregnant, all I've wanted to do is swim. Just a little hard to live in London because I can't jump into the ocean quickly as I could in Australia."

She posted another picture with the words "Relaxing with my baby and my partner" next to it.

Belle has posted a few pictures of her baby bump, but it's hard to tell she is already six months along.

Since she is now pregnant, she is careful about what she eats.

She has been open about the fact that she is pregnant and talks about how hard it is for women to be pregnant.

Some people even said she was making it up because she wasn't gaining weight.

The doctor said the baby was healthy and had nothing to worry about.

She also posted a story on Instagram that explained how pregnancy works.

She posted a cute photo of her and her husband together and said he would be the best dad ever.

Many stories on the internet, like the one about Belle and how her baby bump made her famous.

Belle knows how to deal with criticism, which is a sign that she will be a good mom.

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