25 Pictures Of Unfortunate People Whose Day Is Probably Worse Than Yours

We’ve all experienced horrible days when nothing seems to go right. However, looking at the tragedies of others might sometimes help to put things into perspective. The r/Wellthatsucks subreddit is devoted to sharing “anything that occurs in regular life that makes you exclaim ‘well, that stinks”’.

When we have an unfortunate day, We cannot escape. We have to face it with a smiling face. Sometimes, it can be a remarkable thing in your life journey and misfortunate will make you a popular person.

In this article, we’ve gathered 25 images of unfortunate folks whose day is most likely worse than yours. These photos depict individuals coping with a variety of mistakes and calamities, ranging from spilled beverages to damaged equipment. Scroll down to view the photos and tell us in the comments if you’ve ever had a bad day like these folks.

#1. After the first day in the gym, when you try to show your power to others.

Image source; Imgur

#2. Try to become a pilot.

Image source; Imgur

#3. Quality at its best.

Image source; Imgur

#4. You did it great.

Image source; Imgur

#5. Speechless.

Image source; Imgur

#6. After the storm, the grill is in a 30ft pool.

Image source; u/sleepybuddha44

#7. You did it well.

Image source; u/screamicide

#8. It was a great summer.

Image source; u/philfromchico

#9. You have to take permission to take a picture with my buddies.

Image source; @ViennaDoLL

#10. No words.

Image source; u/Pigglepoo

#11. Poor girl.

Image source; needmorexanax

#12. Finally relented and let my daughter have a cat. She turns out to be allergic!

Image source; reddit

#13. Blood donation.

Image source; anastasiagav

#14. Gecko poop toothpaste.

Image source; Raffello

#15. I just wanted a cup of coffee.

Image source; NobodyCARESGarrett

#16. I inadvertently engraved my name on myself using one of Rachael Ray’s roasting pans.

Image source; doyouhaveeyedrops

#17. I can be patient.

Image source; kingkool68

#18. When dressed uniform in the night and going to work.

Image source; MarineDawg1775

#19. Cleaning the car and bird makes an art.

Image source; pawesome1

#20. I don’t get dressed up. I went to great measures to dress beautifully for a big business event, only to have the picture they posted make it seem like I’m wearing jeans and boots beneath my dress.

Image source; maggieeeee12345

#21. This looks to be my fortunate day.

Image source; amaurer3210

#22. Great training.

Image source; Energylegs23

#23. I just second to finish my presentation.

Image source; ImagineHydras

#24. Best chef ever.

Image source;

#25. I don’t paint very often, so remembering to wear gloves this time made me very happy.

Image source;

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