18 Pictures That Will Instantly Fool Your Eyes And Brain

The media has its way of bending the truth; these photos show how easy it is to do. At first glance, things look so wrong, but when you look more closely, you see that your brain is exaggerating. The subreddit "Confusing Perspective" is full of pictures that make people scratch their heads and wonder what's happening.

We've put together the 18 newest ones because we know how much our readers love them. Keep scrolling and have a good laugh!

The blue guy has pretty big wings.

Long Legs

The Copenhagen train station looks like two different pictures.

This loose cat head

A dog that looks like an arm.

September is Mexico's national holiday month, so Happy National Holidays!

A big dog whose head is small.


It's not her teeth, so don't worry.

Nice Pants.

I need one more head, and I'll have my own Cerberus.

Swimming? Floating body part? My jeans look great in the water.

What? Siamese sisters?

The dog makes a face.

Lifting has cost him arms and legs.

A massive dog on top of a huge waterfall.

Yes, I do have legs.

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