15+ Photographs That Twist Our Perception of Reality

Sometimes, our eyes trick us by making us see things that don't exist. Our brains can put together the missing puzzle pieces and figure out what's happening around us. This helps our bodies make dopamine, which makes us happy, motivated, and satisfied.

1. Dog or cat ?

2. "Living in style."

3. "The boy with the dog's head!"

4. "There was a glitch in the matrix today at my favorite coffee shop."

5. "When the dog looks like a piece of banana on your plate."

6. "Cat? What dog?

7. "The ear of my dog looks like his face."

8. Huge banana or oil painting?

9. "After being washed, this black car looks like a mirror."

10. "The chicken my daughter ate looks like a hummingbird."

11. "My pineapple tattoo matches the pineapple on my shirt."

12. "Dog driver."


13. "Somehow, my girl and I switched the styles of our fingernails."

14. "Her hair is the same color as the brush's bristles."

15. That is a tiny head.

16. "As I sat here, I couldn't figure out what happened to his arm."

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