Artist Transforms Dirty Cars in Moscow into Incredible Works of Art

What do you do when your car is on dirt? Probably you take a car wash cause you don’t like its dirty look. Or else you even don’t care about the fact of dirt. But when you see a dusty car on the road, it gives an unpleasant feeling. Nikita Golubev transforms dirty cars into something different, which gives a “Wow” feeling to others.

Vehicles covered in dust and dirt are being transformed into works of art, thanks to Nikita Golubev’s ongoing dirty car art project.

Nikita looks for the vehicles parked in Moscow and covered with layers of dust. He perceives as this dust a blessing, which can bring hidden images and be useable as a canvas.

He moves dust and mud on the vehicle into something extraordinary portraits. His creativity is impressive for the vehicle owners not to clean cars as usually cause most of them kept those arts willingly and never want to rewash vehicles.

Nikita Golubev: Facebook | Instagram | Behance

h/t: [TwistedSifter, reddit]

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