30 Times Cats Met Lizards And Hilarity Ensued

Cat and lizard don’t go in the same sentence.

Cats typically chase lizards, after all. You have probably seen a lot of images of cats that will sit and stare at a lizard on the ceiling for hours. Also, they are probably watching because they want to catch it and put an immediate end to its life. Yet, in the subsequent images, that is not what is depicted.

Some cats seem to be at a loss about what to do with themselves after catching a lizard that has escaped. Others even consider them to be good friends. But, seeing a lizard clinging to a cat's nose is the funniest thing. Nevertheless here we are. I had no idea lizards could do that. I won't bore you any longer with my ranting, so scroll down and see for yourself.

#1 ‘Go away!’

#2 Anybody can be a friend.

#3 Sometimes you need a good nap buddy.

#4 Who is the prey here?

#5 Saying hello to a stranger.

#6 Looking for some heat.

#7 Looking over.

#8 When you can’t find the lizard.

#9 ‘I brought this for you hooman.’

#10 Spending your birthday together.

#11 Hugs to keep you warm.

#12 This Iguana loves the cloud-like feeling.

#13 ‘Give me head scratches.’

#14 He did not expect an attack back.

#15 ‘What is on my back?’

#16 Let’s boop our noses.

#17 When playing with a lizard goes wrong.

#18 What do I do now?

#19 I’ll get you back.

#20 ‘Where is it? Do you see it?’

#21 The lizard knows he is in big trouble.

#22 Only a glass in between.

#23 The cats just wanna play with it.

#24 Even without a tail it’s very daring.

#25 It’s a win-win situation.

#26 When you are looking for something to hunt.

#27 When the tables are turned.

#28 This is just adorable.

#29 It’s outside, nobody can get to it.

#30 Is it a look of love?

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