24 Hilarious Photos of People Standing Awkwardly in Public

It’s not unusual to see people acting a little differently in public than they do at home. Maybe they’re nervous, maybe they’re trying to impress someone, or maybe they’re just lost in thought. Whatever the reason, it can lead to some pretty hilarious situations, especially when it comes to the way people stand.

The Instagram account “peoplestanding” is dedicated to capturing these moments of public awkwardness. From people leaning in weird directions to those standing in bizarre poses, this account is full of funny photos that will have you laughing out loud.

We’ve selected 24 of the most hilarious photos from the account to share with you. Some of them are so weird that you have to wonder what these people were thinking. Others are just innocent moments caught on camera that are too funny not to share.

#1 A printer error message had the legs.

#2 As if he were an official weirdo. Choose the number of days each week.

Source: peoplestanding

#3 Leaner B2B

#4 This young man is about to advance to first grade.

#5 Obviously a dancer

#6 new meaning to the term “filler”

#7 He seems to practice, as he makes it seem simple.

#8 The flamingo’s human equivalent

#9 If pasta were a living being,

#10 Tipping my toes into my wing tips

#11 He attracted the other guys’ attention in this way.

#12 Claim this

#13 It seems painful.

#14 Guys, have you ever completely busted it open for a radiator?

#15 This week, let’s start off correctly.

#16 Yes, they did construct in such manner.

#17 Tootsie in monster form, body in check out mode.

#18 The flamingo’s age

#19 Hmmm

#20 Balance

#21 Twizling

#22 Are you sure?

#23 Two creatures without arms:

#24 Thank God he’s got pants on.

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