24 Funny Sport Faces Caught On Camera That Will Make You Roll On the Floor Laughing

The modern sport aims to keep and improve physical skills and abilities, build social skills, improve health, make athletes (of any age, gender, or level) happy and excited, and give spectators something to watch. People today see sports as essential activities that can help them stay healthy and fit and improve their talent. Newspapers, TV, and other forms of communication tell us about the activities and sports of today. Sports help keep and improve health so that people can do different jobs. But have you ever thought of something else that makes sports fun? That's funny. Don't get me wrong, but many hilarious things happen in sports that make us laugh out loud. Check out the new "10 Funny Sport Faces" and see how funny the athletes look when trying to do their best in competitions.

1. Momo Face

2. Don't look below (LOL)

3. A strange square mouth

4. "Hey, does this leg belong to me?" It does look weird.


5. This guy looks like he's giving a speech at a beauty pageant and waving to the crowd from above.

6. This Chinese athlete's water drop is sure to be very strong. I hope he does well on it.

7. This punch probably knocked out half of this fighter's teeth.

8. A funny look

9. There's going to be a thunder punch

10. This pro athlete looks like they just narrowly avoided drowning.

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