20+ Funny Photos Of People Whose Days Turned Sour

Everyone of us has experienced times when it seemed as though everything was working against us. In those days, we had to engage in combat using swords or other weapons. There seems to be no end to the bad luck and misfortune. A goose pursuing you and pushing you over, a dog snatching your clothes from the beach, a spider on the toilet paper roll, etc. Anything is conceivable. There are individuals whose days took a bad turn. And we're confident that you can comprehend their response in these circumstances.

#1. My boyfriend made meat circle pizza and left it in the oven for 5 hours. I’m no longer the bad cook of the family

#2. Perks of having red hair: Free cancer!

#3. Woke up this morning to 6 cops, a fire truck, and an ambulance at my door because a passing car was concerned about the one Halloween decoration I neglected to take down

#4. I mean, what are the odds

#5. Someone’s having a bad day

#6. What do you do in this situation

#7. Every single thing from the fridge is in this car soup, it’s fine, I’m fine

#8. Draw the string

#9. Abraham Lincoln

#10. This was way cuter when I pictured it in my head

#11. Thirsty

#12. S**t

#13. I paid $19 for 8 of these tiny ass wings from a local BBQ joint

#14. My hairdresser made me look bad

#15. Hmmm

#16. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…

#17. DIY haircut

#18. Macarons from France

#19. Rough day on the course

#20. My friend got notice that his package was delayed, then sent me this on his drive home saying “so that’s what happened”

#21. When you want to impress the neighbors with your modern solutions, but then become known as the guy who destroyed a Jeep at the push of a button

#22. My friend’s child gave himself a haircut for his upcoming school photo when she got home

#23. The customer claimed that none of the four were hurt, but we can’t say the same about the vehicle

#24. So I bought this lovely heart-shaped rear light for my bike

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