18 Terrible Ideas But Great Executions To Help You Reduce Stress

Sometimes a great notion will suddenly cross your mind, but you dismiss it because you believe it to be too absurd to be true. However, some people are able to carry out their bizarre ideas, regardless of how awful they may seem. For example, a cake absolutely resembles a toad.

Some strange concepts are simply unsettling to hear and consider. They are, indeed. You cannot, however, dispute their flawless execution when you see them in person. Check out the list of 18 images below to see that I'm not lying. It's entertaining when people share images that are in poor taste but well-executed. Maybe these images may give you some inspiration to implement some of your own concepts. For more fun, scroll down!

#1. “Located At A Bar In Shinjuku, Japan. There Is A Bathroom With A Gaint Head Located Infront Of The Toilet. Activated By The Pressure From The Seat, The Face Sings A Strange Drunken Tune And Slowly Moves Towards You… Making The Room Smaller And Smaller, Until Its Lips ‘Kiss’ Your Knees”

Image source: SprinklesPublic

#2. “Why Would You Order That Tho”


#3. “I Was Told You Guys Would Like This”

Image source: anxious-orange-juice

#4. “Urinating Dachshund Building Decor”

Image source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#5. “This Baby Yoday Toothpaste Dispenser”

Image source: bailey_turnbow

#6. “Optical Chillusion”

Image source: XanJamZ

#7. “This Washer And Dryer Set”

Image source: parakeetpoop

#8. “Snow Devil”

Image source: TAS8008

#9. “This Skull Carpet”

Image source: IsionYadav

#10. “I’m Speechless”

Image source: Popal24

#11. “These Stairs”

Image source: skalamabirdy2

#12. “Butt Napkins”

Image source: EJerico

#13. “This Giant Constructed Tree Trunk That’s Sole Purpose Is To House An ATM”

Image source: midwifeatyourcervix

#14. “This Mask”

Image source: _estoico_

#15. “Finally Found Something That Belongs Here”

Image source: kalyners

#16. “This Chair Made Out Of Pigs”

Image source: RUBIKSrchimedes

#17. “Furry Mona Lisa…”

Image source: salutations247

#18. “Iridiscent Kitchen Unit”

Image source: ShapeShiftingCats

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