15 Women With A Sense Of Humor Who Showed How Different The Same Person Can Be In A Photo

Being photogenic means a lot to be an internet star. After several clicks and hundreds of deleted photos, one good picture can be taken. To be photogenic, you don’t want to be a model, and no professional skill is required these days. There are so many editing and enhancing apps to get a fascinating picture of you.

Although most people worry about outfits, background, lights, and so many things when taking a photo, another group of people doesn’t care about being serious in an image. So they think differently and ignoring the fact of being perfect.

We found several photos of such kinds of persons who prove Even the most attractive people can quite easily uglify themselves. The specialty of this collection is, these pictures were taken by women who are silly and dare to show the ugly face them.

1. Muppet Vibes


2.Never Even Imagined My Chin Could Recede Like This


3. Shaved My Head So I Could Go Full Thumb


4.Get You A Girl Who Can Do Both


5. I Love You


6.It’s A Skill


7. Ya Ever Wanted To Get Down N’ Dirty With Winston Churchill


8. My Boyfriend Says This Is The Only Face Of Mine That Truly Scares Him


9.Slayer In The Streets, Slug In The Sheets


10.Me And My Redneck Brother


11.Taken The Same Day. I’ve Found My People!


12. They Say Beauty Knows No Pain. Apparently Ugly Does Because I Gave Myself A Serious Headache Taking The Second Pic


13.Me On Instagram vs. Me Scrolling Reddit In Bed


14. Having A Flat Face Has Its Perks


15. I Was Unaware Until Now That I Could Retract Into Myself. Nice Seeing You


What do you think? Don’t forget to share your faces if you can turn your beautiful face into something unpredictable and unpleasant like these ladies.

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